Popular Camping Hikes in Sri Lanka – 2

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1. Haritha Kanda

  • Location :  Bagawanthalawa, Nuwara Eliya. (Location)
  • Time needed : 1-2 hours to reach the peak
  • Difficulty Level :  Moderate  
  • Route from Colombo : Colombo > Avissawella > Hatton > Bogawanthalawa > Bogawana Estate

The “Greeny mountain”,Haritha kanda is another best hiking and camping spot which is situated in the central highlands. We can see this rocky mountain between Agarapathana and Bopaththalawa plains with 1800m height. It is covered with lush grassland and the climate is also similar to Nuwara Eliya. It is also known as ‘Mini New Zealand’. If you are a beginner, this will be the best place to start your hiking journey.

This mountain range is famous among adventure lovers. When you reach Bogawanthalawa, there is the Bogawana Estate. This is the starting point of the journey. You have to go through that until you reach the little bridge with the little hut. The road goes to the Assistant Manager’s Bungalow. You have to go beyond that bungalow and enter to the last part of the estate. Within 1 hour you can reach the top of the plain. It is like a hidden paradise. Here you can take a break and feel the nature. Then again start to climb the mountain. Around 1hour you can reach the top of the mountain. There you can see Kirigalpoththa, Adam’s peak, Piduruthalagala, great western and the Horton plains. Pathma rock is situated in front of this rock. Now you can capture the beauty of nature and start to find a place for camping. You can easily find woods and leaves for the fire camp. There are plenty of Sambars and Leopards at night in this area. So you have to be alert of them. You can enjoy with your gang here and don’t forget to wake up early to see the best views of nature. It is a magnificent spectacle in the morning. This will be an unexpected and memorable camping hike for you.


2. Horton Plains National Park


  • Location : Nuwara Eliya (Location)
  • Time needed : 2-3 hours
  • Difficulty Level : Low/Moderate
  • Route from Colombo : Colombo > Avissawella > Dehiowita > Karawanella > Kithulgala > Ginigathhena > Hatton > Thalawakele > Nanu Oya > Ambewela > Pattipola > Horton Plains
  • For Campsite Bookings : Wildlife Office – 0112888585

“The heaven on earth”, Horton plains is a unique nature attraction in Central Highlands of Sri Lanka. It is a beautiful landscape with full of amazing views. Horton plains is also considered as the most important watershed area in Sri Lanka. The three major rivers, Mahaweli, Kelani and Walawe rivers started here. You know, this is the most attractive and interesting hiking destination in Sri Lanka. This land consists of wet grass lands and montane forests and home to number of rare animals and plant species. 

There are 3 main campsites in Horton plains. You have to book your campsite before the journey. So, you can visit the Wild Life department office in Battaramulla. The closest camping site is situated near to the office and this is easy access to lots of your needs. Second camping site is located closer to the Chimney pool. Another place is located in between these two campsites.

You can get to Horton Plains from Nuwara Eliya by tuk-tuk. The trail is circular. so, you can use any directions to start the journey. In the national park, you have a chance to enjoy the local flora and fauna. You can see Sri Lankan Sambar deers and many bird species during this amazing journey. The two amazing main points are the World’s end (870m) and the Little World’s end (270m). This is a stunning viewpoint. Most of the time it’s cloaked with clouds. when you take photos be careful near the edge because there are no safety rails. Other best place you can see here is Adam’s Peak. Baker’s fall and the Chimney pool are the most glamorous waterfalls in this nature. Water gushing, bird singing, wind blowing are the only sounds you can feel here. So, visit this dreamy trekking area in Sri Lanka. Never forget to come early. It is the best time to catch thousands of nature views.

3. Mandaramnuwara


  • Location : Nuwara Eliya (Location)
  • Time needed : 2-3 hour journey
  • Difficulty Level : Moderate
  • Route from Colombo : Colombo > Kandy > Padiyapelella > Mandaram Nuwara

A misty city, Mandaram Nuwara is a small village situated in the Central Province, Sri Lanka.The village is surrounded by Piduruthalagala mountain, Balagolla jungle, Themmitiya jungle and Meeriya jungle. It’s a popular hiking area among both locals and foreigners. This heavenly location consists of green forests, grasslands, cascading waterfalls and natural pools. The scenery is simply breathtaking. You can capture the magical beauty here.

Start your adventure from Mandaram Nuwara village. There is a tea shop in the Mandaram Nuwara junction. You can get the help of a guide and start the journey. First visit the  Kolapathana falls. There is clear foot pathway to this waterfall and it’s a 1km hike. Bathing, eating is prohibited here because the villagers use water from this stream. Then start the journey again through the foot pathway to Kodigala.  Then you get into the thick forest and go through it. Kodigala is a nice view point towards Mandaram Nuwara. At the summit you can see Pettigala, Sinhagala, Kolangolla and Kiriketiya mountains. The next place you are going to visit is Beragahana Ella. You can take a break here. Then come to the Hansiya Dowa fall. It is about hundred meters above upstream. The water stream flows in between two rocks. It’s an amazing destination for camping. The mountain peaks really colourful with evening sunlight. You can arrange your camp. The place is really cold, because now you are closer to the highest point in Sri Lanka. This is the best place to see how the sun cover among these mountains. The wind come harder at the night. So, be aware of that. You can explore some waterfalls in the next day morning. This is the best place to enjoy the mysterious misty morning. So, Come and enjoy.

4. Gerandigala


  • Location : Kalugala,Matale (Location)
  • Time needed : 4-5 hours to reach the peak
  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Route from Colombo : Colombo > Kandy > Udadumbara > Kalugala > Gerandigala

The rat snake rock, Gerandigala is a rocky outcrop situated in Central province, Sri Lanka. The climb and the path to the rock beds are through the spine rocks at the top. Smoothly carved six beds on the surface of the rock. This provides incredible view for this place. You can see the Gerandigala Rajamaha Viharaya at the southern end of the rock. At the northern end you can found the two rock inscriptions. There are around ten waterfalls near to the site.

When you reach Kalugala, come towards Kosdanda. You need a guider and start the hike with them. It is a long walk through the forest and you have to continue ascends until you reach the Mana area. Then the travel become somewhat difficult because of the huge mana patch. End of this route you can take a break and start the hike again. Finally, you will reach the ridge of the mountain. And then go towards the river with descends. After reaching the river, refresh and take a break. You can see the ruins of buildings in this mountain. When you go along the river, there is a stunning location for camping. The plain is near the top of the first fall.

Then getting down towards the first fall. This is the hardest and life threatening descends in this hike. Then you reach the bottom of the first fall. Next you are going to get down to the 2nd fall. It’s really harder than the first. You can help each other to get down to the second. Before start the next descend you can take a break and watch the amazing views. Then cross the stream to reach the west bank and go through this way. So, then you can see the river. It divides and forms two tributaries. Then get down along the west bank until you reach the base of the 5th fall. The way is really hard. But this will be a mesmerising and toughest journey for you. Here you will find a path on the east bank and go through this until you reach a paddy field of Munamalpelessa. You have to walk back through this paddy fields and forest patches to reach the village.

  • Don’t go there in rainy days.
  • Need at least 15 ft long rope.

5. Upper Diyaluma


  • Location :  Koslanda (Location)
  • Time needed : 1 hours to reach the peak
  • Difficulty Level : Moderate
  • Route from Colombo : Colombo > Ratnapura > Beragala Junction > Koslanda

The second highest waterfall in Sri Lanka, Diyaluma is situated at Beragala – Wellawaya road. It is about 23km from the Beragala junction to the waterfall. This will be a challenging hike for you. The 3 routes to Upper Diyaluma are, from the Koslanda – Punagala road, via the Diyaluma estate and the jungle path before Diyaluma. The easiest road to the hike is via the Diyaluma estate road and it’s about 2km to the top from the main road. You have to go through this pathway. When you pass the factory and some village houses there is the starting point to the top of the mountain. You can capture thousands of views while you travel. When you reach the top of the mountain, turn to the left and continue another 300m to the Uda Diyaluma.

Uda Diyaluma has a triangle shape flowing style. You can feel the massive wind at the top of Diyaluma. Here you would be spellbound with stunning views of mountains. The pools are cool and refreshing. It is time to cool off in these natural pools. Swimming in these waterfalls, looking out over the lush, capturing the nature, feel the wind is an amazing experience you can take here.



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