6 Backyard Camping Tips

If you’re like most families, you might not necessarily have time to pack up and get away for an entire weekend. Camping in your backyard is an easy and fun way for your family to spend time together doing something you might not normally get to do! Below are a few suggestions for your backyard camping adventure. Try it this weekend!

1. Pick a good night for your camp out.

If it’s a Friday morning and the night is going to be warm and dry, let your family know that the backyard camping adventure is on.

2. Get all your backyard camping supplies ready. 

You don’t need to pack everything in your car and worry about forgetting anything. Pick up fun camping foods like hot dogs and s’more supplies to get the full effect.

3. Set up your tent whenever you feel like it.

There is no need to rush to get the tent up before it gets dark. If you prefer, set your tent up the night before the big camp out so it can air out from your last trip. For help picking out a family tent, check out our family tents buyer’s guide. Just remember, you can never go too big on the tent.

No tent? No problem. You can string a rope from two trees and drape a blanket or tarp over it. Keep the blanket secure with rocks on the corners. If the night is going be very warm, just sleep under the stars together. All you need are a few sleeping bags and pillows.

4. Pick up some fun backyard games and think of educational activities.

Bocce Ball, Ladder Golf, and Bean Bag Toss are great for kids and adults of all ages. And they’ll help everyone work up an appetite.

If your kids are younger and still learning about nature, let them explore the different types of trees, plants and bugs that can be found a few feet from your home. Get a magnifying glass so they can really study things in detail. If you come across something they don’t recognize, look it up. Have them keep an adventure log of all the species of plants and bugs they discover. You never know what you’ll find.

You can also show your kids the stars. It’s easy to pull out a book of constellations and point them out to your kids in the sky above. Teach them the stories you grew up with about each one you find. These make great bedtime stories to end your backyard camping adventure for the night.

5. Make sure you have enough lighting to keep the fun going. 

Don’t let sunset cut your backyard fun short. Try citronella torches or solar lights to help illuminate the area.

6. Be sure to make plenty of delicious outdoor foods.

Pull out your grill or outdoor fireplace to have a backyard bonfire your whole family can safely enjoy. Cook up s’mores, pudgie pies and hot dogs for a delicious backyard camping meal. You can also pack up the camping food in the morning, so you don’t have to go into the house to make dinner during your adventure.

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